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Organoleptic characteristics
They are oils with a color between yellow and green. Produces sensations to smell fresh apple and green, resulting is especially nice feeling. Sometimes reminiscent of the odor of the tomato leaves, a green artichokes .
When the olive is already more mature , a somewhat softer and “sweet” taste it and also note its color is yellow. It is also fruity in the mouth, leaving her green almond aftertaste.

Due to its composition rich in linoleic acid has a tendency to oxidation which causes oils to the light sensitive Arbequina variety, and temperature.


It is well known how this oil from olives, terminating in a tip. It is also known to this variety by other names depending on the area : Marteña or Lopereña.

Organoleptic characteristics
This oil, bright color from yellow to green, very fragrant, whose aromas remind us of the newly opened and fresh, green banana, tomato sometimes with a hint of mint, fig. The palate is intense, powerful, slightly bitter and spicy midpoint. It is a full-bodied oil. Sometimes it comes with the attribute of fresh wood.

It is the most stable due to its chemical composition , rich in polyphenols, therefore good resistance to rancidity. As oil is a high thermal resistance, it can be used in the kitchen for frying.


Its name comes from the white color of the flesh and the oily juice. Also known as Zorzaleño this variety.

Organoleptic characteristics
The oil of this variety has a nice fruity flavors reminiscent of the garden, a middle bitter, and finally almond leaves a very pleasant feeling. It is soft, is not astringent.

Due to its composition it is somewhat unstable to oxidation in comparison with other varieties.

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