The bad weather has reduced the capacity of the olive trees, which have been one of the driest springs of the past ten years and the hottest summer in recent history. It is for this reason that the forecasts for the inmiente campaign are lower. From Asosciación of Young Farmers (ASAJA) of Cordoba it is estimated that the harvest could be around 200,000 tonnes of oil.

If these forecasts, production would be nearly 25 percent higher than that recorded last season-a olivar- terrible for the year when 161,000 tonnes were milled.

Again, the weather will be decisive in the final stretch of the year. Although the olive suffer water stress, they still have room for improvement and the rains of recent days continue and be constant as long as they are not heavy, damaging the fruit and hinder their collection, can raise upwards the forecast. However, the general opinion in the industry is that of an average crop.

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